Air Flow Sensor

Air Flow Sensor - The Critical Sensor of Air Intake System for EFI Engine

To meet increasingly stringent emission regulations, vehicles must precisely control the air-fuel ratio, which means that the ratio of air to fuel supplied to the engine must be precise. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to use an Air Flow Sensor. It is usually installed on the intake duct between the air filter and the throttle body, used to detect the real-time air volume intake into the engine, and then transmit the detected values to the Engine Control System, these values are used to calculate the ideal amount of the injected fuel, in order to control the proportion of air and fuel in the engine, so the stability and accuracy of the Air Flow Sensor determines the engine performance of Dynamic, Economy and Emission. In diesel engines, it is also used to regulate the recirculation of exhaust gases.


The main working principle of the Air Flow Sensor is to heat the Hot Wire (Platinum Heat Wire / Heating Resistance) in advance, when the air passes through, it will take away part of the heat of the Hot Wire, the more the air takes away the heat, the Hot Wire temperature will decrease its resistance accordingly, the control circuit will automatically increase the current supplying to the Hot Wire, until the Wheatstone bridge is re-balanced, so that the Hot Wire is restored to the original temperature and resistance, with the increase of the current, the output voltage of the sensor also increases accordingly, thereby measuring the real-time air volume through the intake duct.

DKK launched Air Flow Sensor in 2006, mainly for the aftermarket service in Europe and North America, and covers more than 90% popular applications on the road, continuously supplying to those global giants engaged in Automotive industry. Along the way, there are more than 4 million road vehicles had installed and used Air Flow Sensor that designed and manufactured by DKK.

The Air Flow Sensor designed and manufactured by DKK has outstanding features that small size and light weight, rapid response and excellent durability, high detection accuracy and high performance reliability. At the same time, the material selections are conforming to the EU RoHS and REACH environmental regulations, and there are more than 20 rigorous experiments as design verification shall be went through at the development stage. Every piece Air Flow Sensor manufactured by DKK will be 100% tested by automatic flow simulation test bench, to provide high consistency and accuracy in the mass production stage. Moreover, the Air Flow Sensor designed and manufactured by DKK has obtained more than 10 Invention and Utility Model patents, and was awarded as a provincial ‘Famous Product’ by the Zhejiang Automobile Industry Association in 2017.

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