Electric Fuel Pump

Electric Fuel Pump - The Key Component of Fuel Supply System for EFI Engine

The Electric Fuel Pump is a device that continuously sucks fuel out of the fuel tank and provides a specified pressure and flow of fuel to the fuel system, and is one of the components of the Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system. Based on its function, it can be seen that the performance of the Electric Fuel Pump will directly affect the working performance of the engine, also known as the ‘Heart’ of the Fuel supply system of the EFI engine. It’s basic working principle is that the DC motor is electrified to drive the rotor inside the pump housing to rotate at high speed, the lower section of the rotor shaft is combined with the internal hole section of the impeller, so that when the rotor rotates, the impeller is driven by the rotor shaft to rotate in the same direction, and the impeller high-speed rotation process causes vacuum low pressure in the fuel inlet part, and then the filtered fuel is sucked in form the inlet of the pump cover, and the sucked fuel is injected into the pump casing after being pressurized by the fuel pump impeller and then ejected through the outlet providing fuel with a certain pressure for the fuel system.


DKK launched Electric Fuel Pump in 1998, and started to focus on OEM business in 2010, now has equipped nearly 4 million pcs/year production capacity. The Electric Fuel Pump designed and manufactured by DKK has outstanding features that long service life, low noise, low current consumption, high fuel supply stability and high performance reliability. At the same time, the material selections are conforming to the EU RoHS and REACH environmental regulations, and there are more than 20 rigorous experiments as design verification shall be went through at the development stage. At present, the Electric Fuel Pump designed and manufactured by DKK has been widely applied in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and small general-purpose engines, and has obtained more than 60 Invention and Utility Model patents.

In the automotive and motorcycle industry applications, in-tank type of Electric Fuel Pump is popular, that is installed inside the fuel tank and immersed in gasoline, so that the Electric Fuel Pump can be easier to lower heat and noise, as wells as providing longer service life, so it is widely used.

In the small general-purpose machine applications, due to the compact layout space, in-line type is often used, that the Electric Fuel Pump is connected in series to the fuel pipeline outside the fuel tank, which also provides the desired function with minimal adjustment while maintaining the original frame and fuel tank structure.


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